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This Tribal Guy

Chief KuKui’s Paddles

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Tell me your story, I will tribal it out.  Meet Chief KuKui, a master at ancient emojis and life long art practitioner under the tutelage of family Chiefs from generations of Tribal Artist within the Kanaka bloodline.

“The Paddle, a symbol of exploration. It calls forth for us to become our greatest versions, the adventure provides growth & wisdom. It demand us to be brave and fearless against the unknown. It calls for us to be the fire, the light, the way.“

- Chief KuKui 🔥

This wall piece makes the perfect gift.  The paddle is suppose to represent the ability to start a new life, a new chapter, a new beginning, longevity, and fearlessness.  

Perfect for marriages, birthdays, graduations, and business adventures.  The paddle is a good-luck omen for the Pacific Islanders, we relied on such a tool for survival for over thousands of years, and we still rely on such a tool today.

We have two options:

36”x12” Wall Art

48”x12” Wall Art

💯% custom made

💯% handcrafted

💯% handdrawn

💯% made with mana 

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